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Because I am too lazy and hating this keyboard to do a separate post.

Tonight's Fringe )

Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull )

Farscape: Bad Timing )

Oh, btw. I am doing NaNo this year. Feel free to add me. I'm moonshayde over there as well.

Next posts will be my reactions to S2 of Dark Angel (finally) and something else I am forgetting...

But that won't be tonight :)
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If you enjoy Farscape and you've never gone to Farscape Fantasy, then get your butt over there. There are tons of videoes for your viewing pleasure and I've snatched a couple of faves from there. I've had the link for a while, but I'm a bad bad fan when it comes to sharing. Eeep!

I shall be beginning my dabbling into the [ profile] sg1teamficathon at some point today. Obviously, the fic made for me goes first :)

I've decided I don't have enough funny in my life. (Consequently, this is why I am having trouble writing angst or reading any dark fic right now. I need laughter in my life.) I need funny icons and funny vids and funny everything. Multifandom, preferrably. Any reccs would be great. I'll probably work on some stuff of my own later.

And [ profile] meg_tdj the banner for the last Dan/Jan challenge should be wrapped up this weekend, promise. This weekend is all about me relaxing so it'll get done.

I've discovered I'm stalling again. I haven't watched SGA. I've come to a stop with Lois and Clark. I haven't finished Farscape. I still need to finally finish Prodigy for SG-1. I haven't finished the season of Macgyver I have. And I've still missed several Smallville eps. I just don't like to have things done! *cries* I must remedy that.

Had a freaky Smallville dream last night that would make a cool story. Chloe, Clark, and Lois centric. However, Sam and Dean were there making a cameo appearance and that got odd for a sec.

I need to rediscover SG-1 vids. I haven't watched any in a long time, save for Last Beautiful Girl by Callea Veda, one of my fave Sam vids. I have some other awesome ones that I lost long ago and others saved to disc and need to pull out.

I also need to find me some non-sappy X-Files vids.

That is the state of fandom today thus far. Carry on. :)
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I watched these a few months back, but I get so lazy about posting. Maybe becausue I figure no one wants to hear. But I've decided to post while I have a few minutes.

Mental as Anything through We're So Screwed: La Bomba )

I only have "Bad Timing" left and then the minseries. I've been stalling. Heh.

But so far, I'm impressed. I wasn't with S1 and S2 which seemed hit or miss with me, but the character moments of S3 and the superb plot of S4 have made up for it.
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Last night while I was beating myself up over my ineptitude when it comes to writing, I switched over to icons so I could feel like I accomplished something.

I have 3 SV icons and a few FS ones. I hope to play with XF and SG-1 soon. I have more SV and FS ones to finish first, though. Credits for textures/brushes in my user info. Caps from SVfan and Farscape-caps.

Teasers: Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Smallville: Kara, Chloe and Lois, Chloe )

Farscape: Chiana, John and Aeryn, 2 Aeryn, Scorpius )

As usual, whatever you like, feel free to take. No need to comment or credit.


Aug. 25th, 2007 11:49 am
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First of all, happy birthday to all my August birthday flisters. I hope you all have had or will have awesome birthdays. Please don't take offense if I don't name you personally. I am not online every day so I feel like a nice big shout out is fairest :)

Onto other stuff...

I have one episode of Farscape left and then the Peacekeeper Wars. You know, I really didn't like this show much in its first season and season 2 was hit or miss for me. By now, though, with the final storyarc, I am really enjoying it. That may be because I am drawn to plots that have a political bent, though. I love politics in fiction. I'm sad it's ending with it having gotten so good. I'll post my thoughts on the episodes soon.

For whatever reason, I am very excited about the new season of Smallville. But where are all you Smallville fans? I have no one to talk Smallville with!

My SG-1 muse has been stirring a bit so I might actually get something written. That would be nice. And I might do some quiet reading. Just pick a couple of fics on my list and start going very slowly. Maybe a little meta if the mood strikes. But I'm in quiet fandom mode and I'm not feeling overly participatory right now. It's nice. It's like leisurely fandom. I just don't have the energy to be 100% right now.

I'm probably going to give SPN a try come the fall. I loved Season 1 and I was hit and miss with Season 2. The casting spoilers don't bug me and I'm taking a wait and see attitude. But I think SPN is going to be one of my casual viewing shows.

I've been thinking a lot on my original novel and that is actually where my energies are focused right now (aside from the RL crap). I've made some breakthroughs, but I'm still having inadequacy issues. Got to fix that.

I haven't been on LJ since I think Sunday and no way can I keep up with my flist. If something important has happened, please tell! I just needed a break for a few days. RL is sucking bad right now and instead of venting here, I just needed to be away. Things are still bad so I might be a bit sporadic. Just an FYI.

Carry on :)
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You know, I may never love Farscape as much as I love X-Files or SG-1. But that is okay. Or maybe it's just a different kind of love. I like many shows for various reasons. And my love is dependent on my mood. I watch SG-1 for certain reasons. I watch X-Files for certain reasons. I watch Smallville, Supernatural, etc etc all for different reasons.

But S3 and S4 of Farscape have at least cemented this show as one of the good ones for my list of squee. Those two seasons I have no words for. I'm starting "We're So Screwed, Part 1: Fetal Attraction."


But I heart John/Aeryn. (And D'Argo.)

And Scorpius wins forever.
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Okay, I watched these eps months ago but I never posted my thoughts on them. I am having deja vu, though. Maybe I gave my thoughts personally to people. Hmmm. Anyway, let's see how much I can remember...

I Shrink Therefore I Am through Twice Shy )

Okay, so those are my mostly incoherent thoughts on episodes I watched a few months ago. I have volume 4.3 ahead and then the PKW. Yay! Though, someone spoiled me for something in the PKW. Boo.


Mar. 27th, 2007 02:03 pm
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I am so crying like a baby right now for Kansas and Terra Firma.
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Okay, so I've been watching episodes over the past couple of weeks and I've now finished off the first Starburst edition for S4.

Crichton Kicks through John Quixote )
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I finished off S3 this morning since I was up early anyway. So here are my thoughts.

I Yensch, You Yensch )

Into the Lion's Den Part 1 and 2: Lambs to a Slaughter and Wolf in Sheep's Clothing )

Dog With Two Bones )
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Oh man. My asthma kicked in after being dormant for quite some time so I had to take my inhaler. (Good thing I had a new one ordered as a backup.) And body is so not used to it. I'm jumpy and jittery and shaky. Usually, that only happens when I have had to have breathing treatments in the past, not with the inhaler.

I feel like I am going to jump out of my skin *creeps*

On the bright side, my latest SG-1 fanfic is in betaland/editting (thanks!) and an even greater accomplishment is that my very first horror short story has emerged from its final edit in tact :) Well, from my final edit. If it does get accepted, then I may have to toy with it again. But I'm proud of it. I still don't think it has a good shot of getting accepted since I'm not very good with short stories, but I keep trying anyway. Never thought I'd write a horror fic, though. So that's been submitted and now I just have to wait and see.

But no time to just sit back over finishing. Off to the next short story and the fanfic I use to escape in between :)

ETA: Yay, the betaing is done! I'll be posting the fic shortly. But right now, I am going to watch some Farscape. I may finish off S3. I just finished I Yensch, You Yensch and I'm about to start Into the Lion's Den: Lambs to the Slaughter. I'll post my thoughts later.

ETA 2: OMG! I love Harvey!
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I was feeling different today. And since I am still procrastinating, I made some Aeryn Sun of Farscape fame icons. Because I just don't have enough girl icons!

(I say this even though Aeryn is not my fave character on Farscape. And we won't even discuss Vala of SG-1...But I think CB is a wonderful actress.)

I do believe I have some people on my flist who are watching the show and aren't to where I am, so while I only made 3 icons, I'm putting them under a cut. Icons are from Icarus Abides and The Choice.

Aeryn Sun )
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I popped in the next episode that I needed to watch.

My Thoughts )

*sigh* I am in cleaning mode so I guess I should get back to that. I am tossing soooo much stuff. And I want to get rid of a ton of stuff too. Maybe I'll figure out how ebay works and put some fannish stuff up there and then if I have other stuff that people want, I might just announce it here and give it away. We'll see. I have tons of crap.
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I kept saying I was going to watch this and I kept putting it off. Now, I've finished it.

Farscape: The Choice )

MacGyver: The Golden Triangle )

I'm only getting worse health wise. It's good thing I had a follow up doc appt planned this week anyway. I think it's a sinus infection. Blech.
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1. I am offically staying out of the explosion over SGA/SG-1 casting and plot spoilers. I've reached a point where I cannot get involved in those debates anymore if I still want to enjoy myself. I don't even watch SGA anymore. But I want to enjoy SG-1 while it lasts. (It's too bad too because I actually like all the characters. I just like some more than others.)

2. I have not decided yet whether to watch SG-1 now or wait until April. Part of me wants to watch but another part of me wants to wait and continue my SG-1 vacation. And it makes the show last longer. I don't know. So torn. Tooooorn. But I appreciate how awesome you all have been and haven't spoiled me. Thanks *hugs*

3. I am still set on continuing to play in my little happy SG-1 online. You all with me? Or at least some of you? I still want to have fun after the show is gone. We can still write and joke and's fun here on LJ. I need some people to have fun with me since I've sort of left 99% of the fandom behind. (Forums, lists, and groups how I miss you!)I feel like we can make our own fandom filled with sanity...mostly.

4. On a big Smallville kick again. Yes, indeed. I don't really consider myself part of the fandom though. I'm not so into the fandom thing anymore. But it's my angst-free show. It's just fun for me. I'd forgotten what it was like to watch a show just for fun. It's so very nice. I haven't abandoned SG-1 though. I'm just tired of the SG-1 fandom drama. And I'm missing Jack :(

5. I hope to watch some more Farscape soon. I'm getting closer to the end of Season 3. I hear The Choice is next and that it's a good Aeryn-angst episode. I like when CB is angsty.

6. I have some MacGyver to watch. Anyone interested in this newbie's thoughts on that show? I'll be posting my thoughts anyway. I need to get some RDA somehow...

7. In the next couple of months, I may start rewatching SG-1 from the beginning or X-Files. We'll see.

8. I want to watch the first season of Supernatural. But I have been holding off because I have the sneaking suspicion it's exactly like an original fic I have outlined.

9. I will be making more icons. They're stress relief for me, but I'll share if anyone wants them anyway. I'll probably play with Smallville, SG-1, and Farscape.

10. I don't really have a ten, but I look forward to continuing to share fannish thoughts with you all. The last few weeks I've complained mostly about work. I'm hoping to switch gears and have some more fun now. You know, in between writing my original fic :)
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How did I relax last night? I made fandom banners for the shows I watch. I couldn't include everything, so I just picked the ones I am into at the moment or that have left a huge impact on me. Then of course Star Wars because it was my first true love. Always will be. I put them in my user info *is proud*

In other news, I was having a conversation last night with [ profile] meg_tdj about how much I love/hate the opening to Farscape. For me, the monologue is fantastic but the dying chipmunks wailing in the background make me want to scream.

Last night, I dreamed that a chipmunk attacked me.

Karma is a b*tch.
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I watched these, oh, months ago and I never posted my thoughts. I figured what the hey. Now, they won't be very detailed because it's been a while.

On to the episodes )
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Yes! Another fic meme. I created this one last year and I think it's a great way to reflect back on the fic you've written (fanfic--any fandom and original fic). I encourage my flist to participate. Not only does it give you a sense of accomplishment, but it also is a way to pimp your stuff to the rest of your flist. Who knows. We might have missed a fic and now have the chance to read it :)

So, take out your records. See what you've written no matter the fandom. Review your original fic. And let us know! And if you feel so inclined, feel free to take a peek at mine. It's very very long...eep.

Name the fics that you've written this year, a little bit about them, and what inspired you to write them or why you wrote it. Provide a link if you wish.

My Fic in Review )

And reviewing this list...Um. I think this proves I write WAY too much fanfic. No wonder I can't get my original writing done! Wow. Now, I feel bad. I seriously need to cut back on the amount of fanfic I write. Granted, I did most of this during the first half of the year and many are short fics. But it's still time that could go to my original fic. Fanfic is great for me to break from original fic. When my mind is distracted, I find I can plug up plotholes and the like. So I still will write it. But this is a real eye opener as to one of the reasons I'm being held back in my original fic.
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Okay, so I've been watching some more Farscape over the past few days.

My thoughts on the episodes )
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I just finished watching the next episode in Season 3.

My thoughts on Suns and Lovers )


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