Jun. 26th, 2013 02:36 pm
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Old notebooks!

Purging today.Found one with Hebrew in it, back when I was trying to learn the language. That brought back some bad memories of professors who were cruel and arrogant so...gone! I'll try to learn the language another time.

Next I've found a writing notebook. SG-1! Ha, these are drafts of old stories. I bet I'll find SPN next...
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I've gone ahead an made some changes. Here are the updates so far:

My Supernatural Master List has been updated.

Fanart - I've divided this tag into several tags for Supernatural, Smallville, and Stargate. Since I have the most icons/walls/banners for those three shows, I figured they should have their own tag. At this time Star Wars, Farscape, X-Files, and Dark Angel ( as well as random shows) do not have a separate fanart tag. If I make more in the future, then they will. If you are looking for art from those shows/movies, it would be under their own tag - e.g. "farscape."

Fandom Tags - I've relabeled most of these "discussion/meta." I'll be going back and untagging anything that isn't episode discussion, general discussion, or meta and giving it its own tag. So, for example, there is "spn: discussion/meta" instead of "supernatural."

Supernatural: I'll be adding a few more tags.

Stargate: I've combined my SG-1 stuff and my very little SGA stuff together and eliminated the SGA tags.

Fic: Fanfic has been labeled "fic" followed by the show and/or gen, het, or slash. My Playing the Angel series has its own tag. I'm probably going to be retiring my website and my slash fic from SG-1 (since I'm not into it anymore) so if you'd like to save any of that, please do.

Writing: I've divided out my writing tag. I'll be making more tags for this.

Dean/Jo: I can't deny that I grew to love this pairing, so I gave them their own tag. It's a catch-all tag that will include discussion, fic, art, etc.

I've relabeled some other tags.

I'll be making more changes, but this is what i have so far. Some links may not work or others might be locked. I'll be working on fixing those.

Yay for organization in the New Year!
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Blech. I was given a free sample and oh man. That stuff can taste the sugar. It's liquid sugar. Even more so than soda. It's that they mushed a bunch of candy and liquefied it.

I wasn't about to become a customer for them anyway. I'd rather not get diabetes. But phew. I didn't realize just how sugary it was.


Apr. 8th, 2009 06:11 pm
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I dropped a food processor on my foot. Ow.
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"Harshing my squee" is a phrase I've been using for a long long time. Lately, I have seen it all over the internet. I am highly amused.

*hugs her little catch phrase*


Jan. 26th, 2008 03:39 pm
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OMG! 12 Grain Bread is the bestest thing ever!
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I know a lot of my flist is down about the cancellation. I know some people on my flist are glad it over. But whether you're sad or happy, who says we can't still have fun?

Therefore, I bring you the next installment in the SG-1 Sims Saga.

Warning: Includes Me Poking Fun at Multiple Pairings )

*Sim!Janet was unavailable for the "filming" of this episode as she got knocked up again.
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I am watching the TNG episode where Picard goes home and visits his brother. Can I just say the scene where they are fighting in the mud and then laughing and then Picard crying is brilliant? (so is the Worf and foster parent think but Picard's scenes were amazing.) I am not a Trek fan, but I did watch some TNG back in the day. I always liked the characters. Sometimes a plot doesn't have to be fabulous for me. As long as I can believe in the characters, I am there. It's what drew me to Smallville originally. X-Files. It's what brought me to SG-1 and incidentally, it is what drives me away from other shows. And I think this is what makes a break a show for me. The plot is an extra bonus. But if the characters are sound, I can really sink my teeth into it.

I hope that I can create characters that get you in the gut someday.
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I thought just for fun I would post a bit from one of my other SIMS game. I started this one a little awhile ago, took some caps, and was going to post the story here on LJ, but never did. Now it's just too weird and confusing for me. Maybe I will follow up on it sometime ;)

But for your enjoyment, this is a different game.

The Clash of the AU's )
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Here I go...So, it's not as spectacular as some people's. Yet, I am also not a psycho who likes to kill and torture her Sims. I save that for fanfic.

Episode One: Getting to Know You (Do I?) )


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