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I was poking at a story last night and decided to pull out some of my "western" themed songs which led to me comparing bands that were big as one kind of rock and morphed into another kind of rock as time passed.

Many of these bands might have been big in the 70s, but I only knew them from their hits in the mid/late 80s or early 90s. So Bad Company from the 70s is very different than from the 80s. Heck, even Bon Jovi from the early 90s is much different than the massive hair metal/rock they had going in the mid 80s.

I'm going to poke at Bon Jovi today.

When you hear songs like "Bad Medicine," it's a very different song than say, Jon Bon Jovi's single "Blaze of Glory." Now, I realize that a solo act can be much different than they band itself, but other songs from around that same time by Bon Jovi had the same flavor. Their more recent hits are also very different.

Music changes over time. Sometimes it's a bit of a shock (for me) when I go back and see how it's evolved.

The late 80s/early 90s were the times where I was really discovering my musical self. I was horrified when Jon Bon Jovi had his own single. What about the band that I loved?!

I ended up loving the song and was glued to the TV to watch the music video on MTV every change I got. (And I still, to this day, have never seen Young Guns or Young Guns II.) I wasn't into cowboys or westerns, but man I loved that song to death.

Around the same time (though I think it was released before this song) I also fell in love with "Wanted Dead or Alive." In fact, I loved it so much I ended up hating it from overkill. For better or for worse, SPN brought it back, and I fell back in love it with. Sadly, all I can hear now at a certain part is Sam and Dean singing BADLY instead of beautiful Bon Jovi.

Won't let me embed: Sam and Dean sing Bon Jovi

I like cowboys much better now, both contemporary and classic, as long as there is a flair of science fiction and fantasy to it. But just looking back at some of these songs makes me smile :)
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Splurged and bought Rock of Ages: The Definitive Collection by Def Leppard.


I've been influenced by music all my life, and there are certain roots that will always be with me. I can't deny that I've been influenced by country (my dad) or some disco (my mom). Then you have those moments that surprise you, like when you're showing your father your ipod and he instantly starts searching for classic rock. (I knew he liked some bands, but didn't know he liked it that much - I guess this explains a lot.)

But my formative years are the time I really could explore my own styles and tastes. I was tied to top 40 radio, so I didn't know much else, but I still could find my way during that time. My later formative years didn't impact me as much as my early ones, but I still look back fondly at it all. I'd go listen to Bon Jovi's Slippery When Wet at a friend's house, and some Beasty Boys and Def Leppard at my neighbor's next door.

As I've say before, I'm a musical eclectic mix. I listen to everything from classical to hip-hop, to country to rock. I just favor some genres more than others.

So Def Leppard.

I popped in the first disc and what a treat. Lots of big hits we just know, whether you were a music listener during that time or not. Songs like Foolin' and Photograph were released when I was 5, so there was no way I was listening to that on my own back then, but the radio stations played them enough in the late 80s for me to be exposed. (And I love Foolin'.) Songs like Love Bites and Pour Some Sugar on Me were huge hits from when I was first exposed to them, but it's songs like Armageddon It and Rocket that bring back the memories. Those were not as big as the others, so for me they are more closely associated with that time. I remember loving those songs. There are songs from later albums as well, like Two Steps Behind, which I totally forgot about, but which is a beautiful acoustic ballad.

My neighbor and I used to write our names and our band name (yeah band, hahaha) in Def Leppard style.

That was such an intense time of my life when I was settling into what music defined me, and though I love to write and have been since I was little, music has always been the lifeblood behind whatever I do write. So whenever I have the time to take a trip down memory lane, it's great treat. I get so nostalgic.

No matter what I listen to, I'll always be a rocker :)
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Been spending the afternoon taking a trip down memory lane. In the 80s and 90s, I listened to A LOT of music. I absorbed it like mad.

But as I started to figure out who I was in terms of music, I started to sway to a distinct flavor. Sure, I've had phases where I was all about ethnic fushion or Enya. I would listen to Madonna and Whitney Houston. I went through a period of listening to just anime music. But in that critical time of self-development, I was into Poison, Def Leppard, Guns N' Roses, White Snake, Great White, Skid Row, Warrant, Damn Yankees, Metallica....just to name a few. I know loads more are escaping me.

All these groups had songs with a beat. I still run around screaming, "Cherry Pie!" or recall watching Metallica vids on MTV only to have my mom walk in and out because she was not quite sure what the heck I was watching.

So what is that music called? Hard rock? It seems to change by decade. Back in the 80s, some of this was considered metal. Today? Not so much. Many of these groups had big hits and went mainstream, but I am reluctant to call them "pop."

Ugh. I hate labels.

In other news, I have discovered that I have a bit of a streak of southern rock in me. Who knew.
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Despite what anyone says, I still think Poison is awesome. They might be on the 80s pop side of rock, and looking back seem a bit cheesy, but their music is fun.


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