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Since I haven't had the time to write the Supernatural or Dark Angel fics I wanted to write, I figured I'd make some art. Today, it's Dark Angel icons.

I was in an Alec mood so they are all Alec, save the one that has Max in it.

Credit for the caps going to Jensen Ackles Fans. Feel free to snag. No comment or credit necessary, though I would appreciate that you not claim them as your own. Thanks!

01.Alec and Max 02.Alec Assassin 03.Alec Back

The rest under the cut )

I am definitely doing a rewatch of this show during the summer, even when S2 frustrates me. Anyone feel like joining me?
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 I lost my entire post. I am ticked. And it should not take me an hour to post a SINGLE entry. Man.

Grr. Anyway, take two. I've made some icons, mostly Dark Angel, but some from other fandoms. As usual, feel free to take anything you might like. No comment or credit is necessary. Resource credits are in my user info. Textless are not bases, but I don't care if you add text to them anyway.

[01-02] Return of the Jedi
[03] POTC: At World's End
[04-05] LnC
[06-20] Dark Angel


Multifandom Icons )

It's funny. I am more comfortable making icons for shows I am not crazy obsessed with while shows I'm deeply invested in are more difficult. I think it's the perfectionism thing I have. Well, despite that perfectionism issue, I am going to try to make some SPN icons anyway.  I may not one of the best, but it's fun :) [Poll #1247515]

Okay, maybe this will work this time...


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