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So wow. I have spent 2 years (more than that??) working on this one fanfic in my Playing the Angel series. I've been determined to finish and now I am almost there. I still have other stories in this series that I am determined to finish also, but no way can I take that long again. I'm just that stubborn. The reality is that life is busy and I am concentrating on my own original stuff for publication, so time is short everywhere. I admit it feels nice that the end is in sight for this fic, though.

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That is where my brain is right now.

Still obsessed with fic of the Supernatural variety, though I've been a little nostalgic for SG-1 lately. And Smallville. But currently, I've been spending some time working on my wing!fic series for SPN. The sad part is that I have most of the series planned out and I have fun with it. It gives me something to work on that's a bit stress free. I've just struggled with having the time. I'd say that I'm about 3/4 of the way through the current fic I'm writing in the series. If I'm lucky, I'll finish another scene tonight.

I'm about near the climax and then I'll have the wrap up scenes. As always, my philosophy on LJ is not to post it until it's finished or a couple of scenes away from completed. However, I'm not as anal about it on where I've posted a few chapters to see how it would look. I don't read WIPs myself, but if anyone is interested in the wing!fic universe, you can check out the first four chapters there:

No worries if you pass. I'll post it here for anyone interested when it's done anyway. :)

As for my original stuff, I had a breakthrough this month and it's taken a new direction. The first time in a long time I feel like I know what I'm doing with it. It's a good feeling. It's hard to explain. but I think it's some kind of combo X-Files meets Warehouse 13 meets Supernatural. That's a guesstimate. Contemporary/urban fantasy is my main genre of writing. I tend to sway towards anything with a supernatural or paranormal flare. I'm interested to see where this rewrite takes me. I also need to work on some other works to send back to an editor interested in my stuff.

How goes the writing front with my writer friends?


Apr. 19th, 2012 08:29 pm
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I made this my own little Supernatural celebration day. I watched a few episodes, dusted off some WIPs, and just have been enjoying the universe in general today. It's been great. Good to know I still love the show like I always have. My love just has matured, much like the characters have ;)

And what better way to celebrate than the day before SPN returns after its mini-hiatus.Five more eps left. Five more eps straight until the end.

No news on renewal yet, but if everything goes well, things are looking good. Of course, you never know with TV.

Dug out the DVDs and did some internet watching with [ profile] meg_tdj. We watched the Pilot, Folsom Prison Blues, and One the Head of the Pin. Very random, I know. But I always have a soft spot for pilots of shows I love, and the Supernatural one did it so well. They were so young! And less bulky! And so...not mature LOL.

I picked Folsom Prison Blues as my pick for something out of my fave season, Season 2. I always enjoyed that episode. Henricksen! There were plenty of spectacular eps to chose from in S2, but I wanted a nice stand alone ghost hunt to have fun with. I really loved that whole law enforcement arc. And their lawyer? She was awesome.

Of course, Meg picked the angst fest from her fave season, Season 4. I admit I was not too fond of S4 when it first aired. Not for the writing. The writing and direction was fairly tight in S4, for this kind of show. (I say that because SPN, for as much as I love it, tends to backseat the main story and address it at the beginning, middle, and end of the season. It would be nice if Sam and Dean were more proactive and took action, instead of being reactionary. It messes up with pacing and momentum. I digress.)

Anyway, I'm a fan of Castiel, and it was a great episode for him. In many ways, it was a great episode for all of them, highlighting each of the demons and struggles the characters were facing. Plus the foreshadowing was crazy.

That made me think of the poor WIPs sitting here on my computer. I want to finish them. I really do. I've been having writing issues lately. It's not because I've lost interest or don't want to write anymore. Heck, I am still getting new ideas for stories on a daily basis. The energy and passion is there. I just seem to have this road block of getting it back out there. Maybe I'm afraid it's been so long that the voices will be off? That no one will care? That I'm delusional for still being this excited about the show and fandom activities? I'm not sure. I'd just love to finish them so I can move onto new stories in my series. I don't know what is stopping me so much.

Anyway, I'm not letting it ruin my day. Been having fun. New Supernatural tomorrow night. Don't forget! :)
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It's been a really long time since I've written fanfic of any kind. Not because I don't want to, but because real life has really taken a number on me.

I have some stories still outstanding, and though I have every intention of finishing, it's taking me longer than I'd hoped. (Though I keep promising to post them.)

Most of you have left Supernatural, I think. Is there anyone left here interested in reading SPN fic? I'm still going to write them for myself, but if people still care, I'll try to be better about posting some of the ones I need to finish soon. I am hoping the crazy stops soon so I can get back to those projects.

Thanks :)
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I've set quite a few lofty goals for this year. I know I have to be practical and realistic, but if I can finally manage my time, this is doable. I know it is.


Fanfic - By the end of February, I am going to finish my two WIPs - a h/c with Dean and another wing!fic for my Playing the Angel series. Throughout the year I will post more parts of the series.

Original writing - I hit a slump for a while, but the end of last year started to pick up. I sold two short stories to two different anthologies and my short historical came into print. My main genre is contemporary fantasy/some paranormal, so I am aim to breakthrough in one of those categories with a novella at a major pub. I will also revise my novel and submit to agents.


Weight: I am going to lose 10-15 pounds by the beginning of April
Exercise: I am going to have a decent exercise program going for 3 days a week.
Illness: Getting sick really threw my goals out of whack. I am going to take vitamins each day and eat better to see if that keeps major illness away
Doc Appts: I am going to reschedule all the appointments I had to cancel because I was caring for my dog.

I have some other more personal goals to meet as well, but these are the big ones. I've already decided to double my reading, and that is going well too. Yay!

I've been saying it for a while, but I would love to post more and comment more on my LJ. I think it's time for me to seriously start using filters.

Anyway, that's it. Have a great day :)
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I saw the "End of the Year Writing Meme" over on [ profile] claudiapriscus's LJ and got excited. I always love doing those. I used to do these all the time when I was a prolific writer and reader, but 2011 was a very very crazy year for me. Did I even write this year?

So I went back to see the handful of fics I might have written in 2011 and was shocked to discover I had written one.


Wow. Remember the years I would write an obscene amount? 2011 was pretty busy. In some ways good and in some ways bad.

Overall, 2011 wasn't a good writing year for me. It would be one thing if I didn't have so much fanfic because I was submitting like crazy on the original fiction front, but I haven't really finished anything on that end of the spectrum either.

2012 has to change that.

My goals for 2012 are to stop stalling and send out my original stuff, and to finish my wing!fic series that surely everyone has forgotten.

I also have Dean h/c fic with the alt!Sam from a story of mine, and a very short Bobby fic where he plays daddy to the boys. Then we'll see if I translate any more of my ideas. I really want to focus on finishing that series of mine.

So here's to a more writerly New Year!

P.S: What was the one fic I had written? It was The Red Room, a story where Dean has a relapse of vampirism after Sam got his soul back. Maybe not my best, but it satisified me, and that is all that matters :)
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Long ago, I decided to play with a prompt at a Supernatural comm where Dean would have a vampiric relapse. It's just commentfic, I told myself. Something nice and short I can work on for fun. No commitment. No worries about the story getting away from me.

Months later, commentfic is done and clocks in at about 11,325.

Remind me never to do commentfic again.

(The story is currently off in betaland. I will post it when it's done.)
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Okay, so I'm writing again both original and fanfic. Yay!

I'll just talk about the fanfic right now.

The Bad News:
I was aiming to post the next wingifc installment by the end of last month or this month. It's taking way longer than I wanted and holding me up for writing some other short pieces after it, but for those of you who do follow that series, I am continuing it and I am still very invested in it. I'm just very slow and distractable. (See below.)

The Good News:
Well, it's good news at least for me! In an effort to get some of my writing groove back, I took on a commentfic prompts over at [ profile] hoodie_time for Dean having a vampire relapse. Sadly, it has turned from a mere commentfic into a short story. Fun to write, but really I should know by now that I can't write commentfic. My little distraction turned into a big one.

So that's where I'm at with fanfic right now.
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I really need to learn to schedule my time. I have plenty of time during the day being currently jobless yet I don't give much, if any, of that time to myself.

Things I Very Much Want to Do

1. Writing - I used to write so much and now...

I have the next story in my SPN "wing!fic" series that I want to finish and post, but I'm not close to being done yet. I'm also working on some of my own stuff in terms of novellas and those aren't done yet. And then there is my current manuscript and that is not close to being finished either.

I was writing like every day for a while there, and my schedule has been wrecked by other factors. Honestly, I think I just need to sit down and finish something so I can feel like I've accomplished something. Right now, I feel like I'm working hard on various things and not getting anywhere.

I just really miss being prolific in any way...

2. Art - I want to make new icons in the worst way. And banners. And maybe walls. But it's so hard with my stressed out computer here. It crashes easily and can't handle that sort of thing, so I don't usually even bother. But I do miss it. What a great stress reliever that was. Computer work for me!

So yeah. Those are my big wants right now. I have other things I want and need, but that can always be the subject of another post LOL
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So in my quest to keep on cleaning, I have started to go through my old notebooks. I'm bad for writing snatches of fic in different notebooks and I want to consolidate. And my notebooks tend to be this mish-mash of stuff from various years. So I have stuff in here from when I was in grad school, and then from when I was in business training sessions, and then stuff from just a couple of years ago.

I found tons of snippets from posted SG-1 fic, like Russian Roulette, part of A Priori, and some other stories. I also found a snippet I'd written from Pandora's Box from the SPN side of things.

But what cracked me up the most is two really quick notes I'd taken on S3 SPN episodes. This was when I was in denial about the show and I was "forcing" myself to watch it every week. I had already seen S1 at this point and fangirled it, but I had not seen much of S2 (only a handful of episodes), and my crazy obsession had died down. Little did I know it was just dormant and I was in denial like whoa.

Anyway, my exact notes for two episodes (and I don't take notes usually):

Bad Day at Black Rock (I actually named this Bad Luck at Black Rock)

-Sam funny
-Dean was cool
-Bad edits
-Bella - eh
-Bobby love

Decent ep but oddly placed. Not sure I like Sam keeping secrets, but Sam used to plot devices.

Sin City

Hammond! (spoiled but I forgot)

I like Ruby - I think it's different

Dean - made of awesome but oops

Themes of vices/human weaknesses. Nice but *word unreadable* Casey and Dean. Saw the priest coming.

HAHAHA. So funny. I also found some lists and some original story chunks I had been working on, but will likely abandon. Just not very good, you know? And I found some of my first first notes on series I want to write. Tons of notes on any angel story I wanted to write before I had even watched any Supernatural. And before angels were even on that show, heh.

So there. Just wait until I get to the OLD stuff. Oh man. That'll be hilarious.
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Phew. Finally. Now it's off to the beta and when she's finished, I'll start posting it here. I'm more pleased with it than I initially thought I would be.

After that, it's just basically my various wingfic stories I'll be working on for awhile, unless an idea strikes me. So that should be fun. Since the wingfic stories are AU, I have a little more freedom to play around. Though as a canon girl, it always scares me, LOL.
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I'm going to ramble a bit about the current fanfic I'm working on. Feel free to skip if you're not interested.

In where I babble like a babbler )
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Back to setting some weekly goals for myself since I have been a slaaacker. Just posting the fandom related stuff here right now.


I'm stuck. I want to finish some SPN WIPs and I can't decide what I want to do. So, I'm throwing out a little poll. (I won't be getting to the DA fic I promised until this summer.)

[Poll #1552583]

I just thought I'd post it. It doesn't mean I'll pick the top fic and maybe no one will vote, which is fine. I'm just stuck. The Bobby fic is hard, but has the potential of being pretty good. I can't write any of the other wing!fic stories until that one is done, and I still need to get that companion fic done sometime. Sooo torn.

I also have some in the idea phase that I am entertaining writing, but I refuse to do them until I finish some other stuff. I don't want to end up abandoning these stories like I did with SG-1 :(

2) I need icons! I'm so behind on awesome icons, both in taking and crediting and making my own. I *AM* making some kind of SPN art before this week is through.

3) Cleaning up and updating my LJ. NEEDS it.
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Snagged from [ profile] claudiapriscus. Limiting this to a few SPN fics.

Post a sentence (or two or a paragraph) from as many of your WIPs as you want, with no explanation attached.

Random SPN WIPs )

Crap. I have a lot of WIPs. That is not even counting the Dark Angel fics I want to write. Bah.
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I've been working on this fic for a while and gone back and forth whether I wanted to finish it or not. It's a story all through Bobby's POV, which is something I've never done before, and takes place in the past with John and in the present with the boys. Part of me really would like to finish it, while the other half of me just wants to give up.

I decided that I am aiming to finish it. [ profile] meg_tdj said she wants it, so at the very least I can give it to her.

Barring any new ideas, that would leave me with two SPN fanfic stories left: the Dean POV fic for my story Under the Blood Moon (Fates Comes for Him) and amnesia!fic (though I might never do that).

None of this includes my expansive wing!fic series.

I've never had that little fic before! Not sure what to think about that, but I think it's better this way. I have so many SG-1 WIPs that I will never finish *sniff* and this leaves me more time to work on my own stuff, and I really want to move into the wing!fic series more regularly since I have a lot planned for it. That's supposed to be my fun nonsense break from every day stress.

So here goes trying to finish it.
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I keep remembering and promptly forgetting that I owe "Dean-focused hurt/comfort fic" for the [ profile] hoodie_time challenge. I'm supposed to write some temporarily crazy Dean, which shouldn't be hard. Besides, one of my fanfic guilty pleasures (besides my wing thing) is hurt/sick!Dean with protective!Sam. I wish we got more protective Sam on the show lately, though. *sad*

I'm debating between two different ideas. I suppose I should work on it this weekend along with some other projects I have going.

It's been hard going with a severe attack of the lonelies lately. No matter what I do I feel so sad and alone. Makes it hard to write. But I'm going to try anyway. I want to get it done. We'll see how it comes out.
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I'm trying to get Sam and Dean's ages right for a flashback and I cannot for the life of me get them to match, LOL. It's ridiculous. I am making some real simple error. I know it. If I do Dean separate, I get the right age and if I do Sam separate, I get the right age, but when I put them together, I'm off by a year *scratches head* They have at least 4 years between them, right? I'm not going insane? Why aren't you working, numbers! I need to know what year to set the flashbacks!

Because as of right now, numbers, you are telling me that Sam either waited a year to go to college/did the five year plan (um no) or that Dean has an extra year in there somewhere (more plausible) but the numbers still don't make sense because we have canon ages and birthdates.

Why am I being so OCD? Brain you fail me today.

*tries again*

ETA: Okay, cause I'm crazy. *waves list* I did out all the years and their ages have never been goofed on the show. It's that their ages DON'T MATCH traditional schooling years in the US. That means they have an extra year in there.
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This is more for myself than anyone else, but I thought I'd share anyway.

My current projects/write list )
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Random topic I know, but I'm on and off rambly today.

I was thinking about commentfic and how it comes so easily for some people and it's more of a struggle for others. Myself? I love a good prompt. Seriously. I adore inviting prompts. An interesting prompt sends me to all kinds of creative places. However, I struggle with commentfic and can't seem to do it often.

One, my commentfic always comes out to be actual fic. It's rarely ever short and my definition of short is long by some people's standards.

Two, trouble finding prompts. Most prompts I find just don't speak to me. I fear this means my view of the show (whichever show that might be) is very very different than anyone else's. I was just looking at a commentfic meme today and the prompts just seemed too OOC for me. It's been going on for a few days now, and still just nothing.

Three, the quick turnaround, which should be freeing and fun, ends up making me wonder if I should just focus on my WIPs instead since my commentfic never comes out very short.

But all this pondering on commentfic led me to think about the nature of fanfic itself. At least one aspect of it anyway.

Under the cut because I'm a little incoherent this morning )

There has to be a more direct way of saying this but I fail at words this morning, LOL. So feel free to share and give your opinion, but please play nice. If possible, I'd love to not talk about Wincest in this post. Thanks :)
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There are still many prompts left for Dean/Jo CommentFic Prompts open over at [ profile] dean_jo. So, if you're interested, go and get your squee on :)

I'm playing with one now, and I want to answers some of the prompts left for my series, too, but we'll see how that goes. I'm determined to write something today, darn it.

I'll probably do another theme this weekend.

*is all thinky*


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