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I'm off-centered in all areas of my life right now, but I've been desperately trying to get a handle on the writing area. I haven't published anything in a while, and I feel like my momentum and motivation are dying.

I'm trying to start fresh. See, I write best when I am in a creative environment. Makes sense right? I wrote so much fanfic back in the day because I was immersed in fandom. With my original stuff, I have been networking and meeting with creative people to help feed the creative juices and because I like to be near creative people.

The place I was going for my writing fix is not working, so I had to say goodbye. I'm not sure how I feel about that, but I think it was the right decision. I have my close friends who, whether they write or not, are always there by my side. Maybe I don't tap into that resource enough because I'm afraid I'll be a pain. It's a fine line. But that's not the problem. This place was supposed to be welcoming to all writers and in the end, I felt as alone as when I started. It's been stifling my creativity--among other things--and if I want to move forward, I have surround myself with people and places that are conductive to my creativity and feeling good about myself. Drama and cliques are not it.

I'd thought of starting my own writing circle, either online or local, but that never works out. I don't have the time or focus to run a comm. (Been there, done that.) There was no local interest. Tried that already. Plus, trust in inherent in the system and that's very difficult to build.

So I am back to square one. Not necessarily a bad place to be. It's all about reframing myself and getting back on track.
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Last night I was thinking about some of my favorite shows or books and how upset I get when the plot takes a turn that could permanently kill off a fave character of mine. I get mad. I get upset. I get grumpy. But in the end, that tells me the writing has been successful. Why? Because I am invested THAT deeply in the characters.

(This is different from getting mad at bad writing: looking at you, Smallville.)

I've always considered myself a plot-heavy person. I still think I am. But if I can't latch onto the characters, then the plot means nothing to me. Not even the most amazing plot can make me love the characters. There are many TV shows out there that have cult followings that I can't watch for that reason I feel nothing for the characters.

It got me thinking about my aspirations to be a pro writer. I've had some success with a few small publications, but I would love to write stories in a greater professional capacity. I want to have characters that I can invest in and that other people can invest in. Characters that stay with you and you don't want to leave.

I've run into many characters like that over the years. Clark Kent. Lois Lane. Mulder and Scully. Skinner. Jack O'Neill. Daniel Jackson. The original SG-1. Many of the Harry Potter characters. Sam and Dean Winchester. Castiel. Bobby Singer. Luke Skywalker. Han Solo. Leia Organa. Etc. Successful characters are the ones you love to love or love to hate. You want to stay in their worlds forever.

I had a point to this post but I seem to have lost it...

Oh well. But characters. The heart and soul of the story. I hope I can achieve that someday.
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I keep telling myself I won't look at spoilers. I'll be much happier, I say. I won't worry about if it's true or not. I won't worry and speculate that something will happen that will suck. I won't get pulled in to the inevitable Dean vs Sam debate. Spoilers bad.

I got some feedback today on my wing!fic series. *sigh* Man, it's been too long since I worked on that. It makes me happy. So much silly fun. It's great to write something with zero pressure. I was supposed to post one like 2 months ago, but I blew that. I need to get back to it.

I try to use the fun and life I put into a hobby like that when I work on my own stuff. Learn your lesson, me!
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Hmm. I'll give this a try just for fun...

The "You Should Write..." Meme!
my thread here
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*wipes hands* I think I am done errands and work and stuff for the day. I need a break. But knowing me, the workoholic I am, that won't happen.

So I am trying to distract myself with some of my unfinished fan works. Only thing is I can't decide to whether to work on the mystery around Dean getting wings in my wing!fic or work on the mystery of Sam traveling to an AU in the Sam AU fic. I'm pumped to write them both. Decisions! Argh.

What about any of you? Is anyone stuck between two fics?
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No one is probably online and I'll likely regret asking this anyway but...

Dean and Castiel prompts anyone? I really *really* want to write something short so I can feel like I've accomplished something. My next wing!fic is going to turn way longer than I expected and the Sam AU is, too. I'd like something small I can finish this weekend to boost my mood.

Any ideas? No slash, please. But I guess anything like angst, drama, h/c (though nothing extreme because you know how I feel about that sort of thing), or maybe something sad, and I suppose I could try humor, though I'm not feeling too funny.

I really need more icons...
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I keep trying to remind myself this my journal and I can do whatever I want. So if I want to post a little bit of some fanfic I am working on, I can do it. Why do I always stop myself from posting about stuff? LOL

I'll be getting to comments soon. I've had a bad week.

But here is the first couple of scenes (first chapter) for my untitled Sam AU I started a few weeks ago where Sam gets sucked into a different reality. It's supposed to take place after Sex and Violence. I think I may work on it some this coming weekend. That, and I'm itching to work on some of my wing!fic. I deserve a break right? Heh.

I'm just posting it to share. You don't have to feel compelled to read it on my account. When it's done, I'll post it more formerly.

Sam skidded to a halt in front of the antique shop's basement window. )
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Okay, so today I am going to:

*edit some of my work
*do some classwork
*write some fanfic - I'd like to work on my Sam AU or write a bit in my wing!fic series
*make some icons
*clean up/organize

Whether I just focus on one or two things on this list, or just do a little from each doesn't matter. I just want to be able to do some fun stuff, too.

The past hour I've just been sitting and listening to music. It's been so nice :)
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You know, I've seen them circulate across LJ a lot. It's when someone sort of gives a run down of what they did on a fic, what they left out, and what process they went through while writing. I'm always fascinated by them and I tend to read them when I see them on LJ.

I'm thinking if giving it a go if anyone is interested. If there is a story you might have happened to read and were wondering more about it, I wouldn't mind sharing. Just pick the story and I'll see what I can come up with.

Some people break it down line for line which I wouldn't do. I don't have time for that LOL

Since I won't go THAT deep into detail, short or long fic is fine. I would just do something more conversational than super formal.

If no one is interested, it's no big deal. But if so, just pick a fic from any of the fandoms I've written in and I'll see what I can whip up. They are listed on the side, but the main ones have been SG-1 and Supernatural with some Dark Angel and Smallville on the side.

And feel free to ask the same in your LJ. Like I said, I love the writing process and I wouldn't mind reading some more from people.

(And I need to stop ending my casual online talk with prepositions!)


Mar. 8th, 2009 06:13 pm
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Ugh, still sick.

But work be damned, I've been sitting and plotting this afternoon.

I've had two different stories click into place. At least aspects of them.

So yay!
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Flisty! Input?

Okay, we know that Sam is more independent than Dean. In my "Sam goes to an AU," he figures things out fairly quickly. My question, why would Sam seek out alt!Dean? Wouldn't he just try to do everything on his own and not get anyone involved?

I'm sure there is a simple and reasonable answer for this but my mind is stuck completely. AU takes place in S4, if it helps, and Sam IS Sam. Not an alt!Sam.
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Yay for writing memes! I snagged this one from [ profile] aurora_novarum. Feel free to comment or do it on your own LJ.

Comment with a story I've written, and I will tell you something I knew, learned, or wondered about while writing it that didn't make it onto the page.

Supernatural Fic

SG-1 Gen Fic

SG-1 Ship Fic

SG-1 Slash Fic

Smallville, Dark Angel, etc.
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Snap out of it, me! Snap out of it!

Ah, there should be a song called "Kerri the Procrastinator"

So I was thinking about my wing!fic that I can't work on much right now and how I could bring John into it since its S4 AU and all. And I was thinking if I brought him in and if I decided to go all out, it'd go something like this:

Short random bit )

Who else thinks that "Sweet Home Alabama" by Kid Rock reminds them of a younger Dean?

Yeah, I'm in avoidance mode. I keep getting distracted. Oh shiny...
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[ profile] thedailywriter has been up and running for a few days now. Sadly, I have been slacking, but I am ready to go again!

Come and join me and write, write, write!
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Ack, my partly AU wing!fic series that was going to have a few installments and then slink along into the night is now nudging me to go all, out, full-on AU, with massive cast of characters apocalyptic battle to end all battles endings.

Gah. No.
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So here it is.

Total Fics: 29

Er...I wrote 29 fics? Okay, that is more than I thought I had. Heck, that is more than last year. I've been saying for months I barely write a thing. Huh. Though, most of these fics are super short and only slightly longer than drabbles, whereas I used to write massively long fics all the time. Oh time. Where have you gone?

The Fics )

And now the questions )


Up next - updating my Master Lists for my fics and my website. It's like a New Year's tradition for me LOL
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So, I am still here. Go figure.

You know it's a good thing I didn't offer drabbles for holidays for people. You would never get them on time. I am notoriously slow. But even so, I think I am going to offer something for the holidays since I can't do anything that requires cost. I'll post about that separately.

But I still owe a good chunk of drabbles here. So I think I only have five left. Correct me if I'm wrong and I missed yours.

1. DA: Hurt!Alec w/Joshua or Max/Alec
2. DA: Max/Logan
3. SG1: Jack and Daniel friendship
4. SG1: Cam/Sam or Vala
5. SPN or SG-1

I should be getting those done soon. :)

But hey! It's that time of year again! I can use my Jack icon.
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I'm giving myself a BREAK. For like a few minutes LOL

The other day I was thinking: why am I able to write so much Stargate: SG-1 fanfic and not so much Supernatural fanfic? My passion and fannishness of the shows are fairly equal. I'd even say that my fannishness for Smallville is equal. So how come at the height of my SG-1 days I could pump out at least one fic a week, but with SPN or SV I can't? Have a lost my touch? I want to write lots of SPN, darn it! I love that show.

Aside from my current time constraints and my need to focus on my original fic *is jealous of people that can do both at the same time*... I argue it isn't lack of interest or desire, but the nature of the shows themselves and how the intersect with my writing wants and needs.

Stargate: SG-1, Supernatural, and Smallville are three shows that have very different structures/outcomes )

I'm sure everyone's experiences are different, but that's my take :)

ETA: There could be potential S4 SPN spoilers in the comments so be careful.
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You know, I was going to make one of these and then I found this via [ profile] platysseus. Excellent. Saves me the trouble :)

1)How about a brief introduction of yourself?
If you're here, you probably know that I love to write. I've written in several fandoms, but I've mostly been active in SG-1 and Supernatural. I do dabble a bit in other fandoms too, like Smallville and Dark Angel. My fanfic time is very small these days since I work mostly on original fiction.

2)Fabulous, and what got you into fanfiction to begin with?
Before I even knew what it was, I was writing it. I just wanted to hear more adventures in the Star Wars universe and the published EU books really weren't doing it for me. And this was before they were even called EU. I didn't know it was an actual fannish movement until I discovered SG-1 and the internet.

Rest Under the Cut )


Jul. 26th, 2008 04:20 pm
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Yay! I finished a SPN fic. I'm fairly proud of it. It's off to the beta now so clean up my mistakes. But wow. Feels so nice to finish something.

I really needed that to get the writer juices flowing. I think I can get back to my original novel now without crying ;)


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