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I stopped believing when I was four. I told my parents Santa could not exist because he was too big to fit down our slim chimney. I also told them that reindeer cannot fly.

Man, I must have been a dull, unimaginative kid, LOL.
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I have two!

Offline BFF I've known since we were 14. Freshman year of high school. We weren't BFF's back then, but in a close circle of friends. We got closer as the years passed. So we've been friends for...almost 20 years! Crap!

Online BFF I've known since 2004 so... about 7 years? Not too bad!

Here's to many more years!
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I'd write a movie that fixed all the atrocities of the prequels.

*rocks back and forth*
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Lighten up, geez.
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I had several, since I was either moving or they were moving. I never lucked out with many permanent friendships. Might be why I get paranoid about friendships breaking so easily.

But the first one I can remember was Heather. We were buddies. She lived 2 houses away. Sometimes I would go over and make shrinky dinks in her oven or we'd dance to Thriller. Those were good times :)

Don't know where she is now. I hope she's doing well.


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