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It's official. The website is completely dismantled now. Any fic that can't be found here or elsewhere on the web, just contact me and I'll see if I still have it. I'm sure there are deadlinks on LJ. I will get to those when I can. I believe this mainly impacts my SG-1 fic, but there might be other stuff missing as well.

Thanks to everyone who supported my fansite by visiting it all these years. I know it hasn't worked properly in ages. It was time to finally just take the whole thing down. I still have some fanfic to finish here on my LJ-which I have been saying for like 2 years now and it hasn't happened yet, but that is what happened when real life gets hectic--and some art, so LJ will serve those needs. As for as websites go, I really need to be focusing on my site for my published works.

If I can get my act together soon, I hope to be posting again. I hope all is well with everyone and take care.

It's Done

Feb. 15th, 2011 08:23 pm
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Website is gone, so the link won't work anymore. I hope you grabbed what you wanted.

I may bring it back in some form, but as of now it's no more. I've archived most of my fic here on my LJ.

For anyone who enjoyed my website, thanks! I appreciate it.

ETA: Er...I guess part of it is still there.
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Just a few things...

Well, I made the final decision. I am going to close my website. It makes me sad and I'll be sorry to see it go, but it's for the best. I don't have time to keep updating it and I don't really use it anyway. Most of my fic is right here on LJ.

This will create some problems with dead links I'm sure. I never wanted for that to happen, but it is what it is.

That said: Over the course of the next few months, I'll be moving the rest of my fic back over here and changing the links to LJ links and not website links. Everything there can be found here anyway. I'll just miss my pretty headers/banners.

2. Also, I've come to the decision that I will be retiring my SG-1 slash fic. It was a hard decision to make, but I think it's the right one. I don't have a problem with slash and I think a few of the stories I wrote we're bad at all. I'm not sorry I wrote them. But they don't really reflect how I truly see the show or how I feel about the characters. I'm an idea writer and I write when ideas come to me, independent if I believe in the pairing or not. I don't expect many people to understand, but it's just something I have to do. I'm just not into slash anymore and I'm no longer a slash writer. Any slash pairings in the future will come from my own stories if I find it's part of the character.

If anyone would like any of the SG-1 slash stories, they are still available and will be for a couple of months.

3. Finally, I know a lot of people have been friending me and unfriending me lately. That's fine. For those of you who have friended me, I don't usually friend back right away anymore since I'm overly cautious at avoiding wank or stuff that will bring me down. So if you were looking for some kind of mutual discussion/friending just let me know, and if we have stuff in common, I'll friend you back. If you're just here to read or watch, that's fine too. I don't mind. I just can't tell sometimes. And if you feel like you would like we're not connecting, have nothing in common, or I clog up your flist, go ahead and defriend me. It's okay,* really :)

*Except for a few of you. You're all mine! *cackles*
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Okay, I've gone ahead and updated the Supernatural portion of my website. Now with artwork! Yay pretteh!

My regular SPN fics have been added to the fanfic page and I made a separate page for the wing!fic. The gen parts of the series have a separate table from the het ones. Also, the tables are numbered, but that doesn't mean I'll have that exact number of fics in the series. It's just to start me off. And as I write more, I'll order them even though they can be read out of order without confusion.

Supernatural Page

Playing the Angel Page

Next up will be to update my SG-1 part of the website. I tried to get it all done at once, but I hate updating so I had to stage it out.

FYI, I've been told that the website looks a little funky with tables and text overlapping each other depending on what browser you use. I don't know how to solve that problem. It looks fine to me. So really, I am not that messy and careless. It looks fine to me so I can't see what the problem is. If it's really bad looking, let me know and I'll try something.
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Double Yay! Now I did my Wallpaper page and I don't want to code HTML for a very long time. Meg, now I know why you get so tired and grumpy when you code your fic ;)
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Yay! I made my very first webpage from HTML! Wow. I feel accomplished. I usually use a cheater program. Maybe someday I can redo my other pages and spruce them up a bit.

But for now, this will do. I made a page that has most of my icons on it. Some I didn't put up on there because I forgot and some I made exclusively for people and they won't be there either. It's not a complex page, but I wasn't going to go all fancy since it has enough images on it already. The icons range from gen to shippy to a couple with some slashy subtext. Mainly, whatever you normally see here on my LJ everyday.

I am proud of me :)

If anyone is interested, they're up on my website:

If you have dialup, it'll take some time to load. I know how that goes...
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I'ver gone ahead and given my fanfic page a facelift. All my other pages looks decent, but one of the first pages I have every made (that start off point for my fanfic) hasn't been changed or polished up in a long time. If you'd like, you can check out the new layout at:

Edit: Oops! In my effort to include all the big cast memebers in my banner, I forgot Landry! No! I have everyone else. I'll have to try to sneak him in.
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Hi all! I am so glad to say that my website is done. Phew. I only have to update my links section (which is no big deal) and eventually add a graphics section, but that is not a priority :)

I gave it a massive overhaul and expanded it so it's fairly easy to use (I think). Mostly, it houses my fanfic. Well, basically that is about it!

No new stories have been loaded yet, but that will be soon. They are ready to go--I just need to edit them and proofread them one more time before I put them on the net. Real life is busy right now, so I'll get to them soon :)

Anyway, for those who want to check out the layout, go to:

It's nothing fancy, but I am proud of it just the same


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