Apr. 14th, 2013 12:24 pm
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I was scrolling through some old posts on my various fandoms.

I miss it :(

Man, was I into fandom or what? Art, fic, discussion, and pure squee. Even then, I wasn't as obsessed and post-happy as others. Do I even do any of that now? I'm so crazy busy.

But man. The Smallville days. Mocking the cwazies. Squeeing over my favorite superhero pairing. Looking to see if each new episode would bring us closer to Superman or make me angry. I learned that there are so many other awesome people out there that love Superman and its mythos like I do.

Then there was SG-1. SO. MUCH. FIC. SG-1 was the fandom where I learned so much. This is where I made my first icons, banners, and wallpaper. I really tested and experimented in my writing and showed it to the world for the first time. I met a lot of fantastic people, and I learned a lot of hard lessons.

And last but not least, Supernatural. Still my fave show. Still excited and squeeful, even if I don't share it very often. (Even to [ profile] meg_tdj.) While the overall strength and quality of the show is not what it used to be, particularly in the overarching story arcs, antagonists, and consistency, it's still stronger than I'd expect at its age with top-notch acting and interesting hooks. I'm proud to still call it my fave show. I wish some of my other fave shows had been this strong and enjoyable when they were in Season 8. I've never been as active in fandom, though, likely due to my past experiences in prior fandoms and because I'm in a different place in my life. Still, I miss the squee and the chat and the fun of being immersed in fandom just the same.

I think sometimes about my other interests, too. How I would love to get more invested in Dark Angel as the fandom is more fun than the show itself. I miss X-Files something fierce, and I think back how it used to be my fave TV show ever, until SPN came along. How fun it was to play with Lost theories and pray my fave characters wouldn't die. Then, of course, Star Wars, which will always have a special place in my heart as I was obsessed with it for so long before it was tainted by some bad experiences and the prequels, which I did not enjoy as much. We'll see what the future holds.

I do miss it all and wish I could reclaim it, if not just a little bit. Maybe I can win that part of me back somehow and adapt it to the person I am now.

Just my random thoughts. What about the rest of you?


Oct. 8th, 2007 12:46 pm
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[ profile] trustno1_redux goes live this Saturday 10/13. [ profile] stargazercmc and I have been working on it since August and we're very excited about it. So if you like XF or would like to get into XF and want a place to watch/participate, please stop on by. Our comm is geared on the [ profile] redial_the_gate format which means we're open to lots of discussion, meta, episode thoughts and of course art/reccs/links.

Looking forward to it! *squee*
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It's been a long long time since we've had The X-Files on TV. [ profile] stargazercmc and I miss it. We've noticed other people miss it, too.

So after some planning, we've decided it was time to bring back The X-Files. We're hoping you'll be able to join us.

[ profile] trustno1_redux is an LJ community with the purpose of rewatching the series. Modeled after [ profile] redial_the_gate (thanks mods!), the community will be a place for fandom fun, episode discussion, and meta. We kick things off on October 13th with fandom related squeeing and fun while episode recaps will be on Mondays and meta posts on Wednesdays.

If you're as excited as we are, please check out the community and settle in by introducing yourself. Also, please check out the FAQ page, and go to the Season One Sign Up Post for details on how you can make the community great. We've started to include some links and an X-Files Primer, which we'll continue to expand as the community grows.

Please feel free to spread the word to those you think may be interested. And please check out our banners if you'd like to link to us.

So whether you want to fight the future or believe the lie, come over to [ profile] trustno1_redux.

(For more rewatch fun, please don't forgot to check out Stargate's [ profile] redial_the_gate and Farscape's [ profile] fs_rewatch.)
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So, lately there has been some rumblings over the next X-Files movie by David Duchovny. Now, DD has done this repeatedly in the past and nothing ever comes out of it. But he's at it again and seems to be confident that the next X-Files movie may just be around the corner.

But this time he's not alone in his assertion. Gillian Anderson has also chimed in and believes that this time it could become a reality.

News on both DD and GA can be found here: X-Files rumblings

As for SG-1, it's no secret I have much love for all the characters. Well, mainly the original cast, though I enjoy the new cast, too. Just a preference of mine. But lately, man, I've encountered much Daniel hate. Mind you, in the past, I've encountered Sam hate and Jack hate and hate for other characters, but lately I've seen much love for them. But where's the Daniel love? *hugs him* I feel very alone in my Daniel love.
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1. I am offically staying out of the explosion over SGA/SG-1 casting and plot spoilers. I've reached a point where I cannot get involved in those debates anymore if I still want to enjoy myself. I don't even watch SGA anymore. But I want to enjoy SG-1 while it lasts. (It's too bad too because I actually like all the characters. I just like some more than others.)

2. I have not decided yet whether to watch SG-1 now or wait until April. Part of me wants to watch but another part of me wants to wait and continue my SG-1 vacation. And it makes the show last longer. I don't know. So torn. Tooooorn. But I appreciate how awesome you all have been and haven't spoiled me. Thanks *hugs*

3. I am still set on continuing to play in my little happy SG-1 online. You all with me? Or at least some of you? I still want to have fun after the show is gone. We can still write and joke and's fun here on LJ. I need some people to have fun with me since I've sort of left 99% of the fandom behind. (Forums, lists, and groups how I miss you!)I feel like we can make our own fandom filled with sanity...mostly.

4. On a big Smallville kick again. Yes, indeed. I don't really consider myself part of the fandom though. I'm not so into the fandom thing anymore. But it's my angst-free show. It's just fun for me. I'd forgotten what it was like to watch a show just for fun. It's so very nice. I haven't abandoned SG-1 though. I'm just tired of the SG-1 fandom drama. And I'm missing Jack :(

5. I hope to watch some more Farscape soon. I'm getting closer to the end of Season 3. I hear The Choice is next and that it's a good Aeryn-angst episode. I like when CB is angsty.

6. I have some MacGyver to watch. Anyone interested in this newbie's thoughts on that show? I'll be posting my thoughts anyway. I need to get some RDA somehow...

7. In the next couple of months, I may start rewatching SG-1 from the beginning or X-Files. We'll see.

8. I want to watch the first season of Supernatural. But I have been holding off because I have the sneaking suspicion it's exactly like an original fic I have outlined.

9. I will be making more icons. They're stress relief for me, but I'll share if anyone wants them anyway. I'll probably play with Smallville, SG-1, and Farscape.

10. I don't really have a ten, but I look forward to continuing to share fannish thoughts with you all. The last few weeks I've complained mostly about work. I'm hoping to switch gears and have some more fun now. You know, in between writing my original fic :)
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I've come to believe that I'm very much a fandom of one. That in and of itself isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it doesn't always mean it's a good thing, either.

We all come to shows for a reason and that reason is unique to each person. I got hooked on Smallville for the Kents and the mythos. I started watching Stargate for Daniel, mythology, and the team. I got hooked on X-Files because of the unsolved mysteries feel to it. Luke Skywalker dragged me into Star Wars. But for other people they might find Lex Luthor fascinating. Or maybe Teal'c. Or maybe Han Solo. It all depends.

Naturally, we seek out people who like what we like. Daniel fans search out Daniel fans. Clana fans seek out Clana fans. Skinner fans look for other Skinner fans. Shippers fall into shipper groups and slashers fall into slasher groups. Gen people seek gen people. It's not diferent than the real world where like seeks like.

But there is a downside. Cliques form. Groups become posessive and develop superiority complexes. Doesn't matter who you like. It's inevitable. You either fit or you don't.

And this is where I fall into trouble. I don't consider myself a shipper, so I don't fit into the shipper groups. I don't consider myself a slasher, so I don't fall into slasher groups. I tend toward gen, but even gen is segmented and fractured, as well as being heavily ignored and dismissed as not as good as ship or slash.

For example, in SG-1, I dabble into Sam/Daniel, but I don't really fit in with Sam/Daniel fans. I dabble into Sam/Teal'c, but I don't really fit there. Heck, I dabble in just about every pairing except for a couple, but I don't fit into any of them. I'm just the outsider that comes by every so often and contributes, but because I don't fully embrace the group mentalities, I don't ever really fit in there.

As a gen person, I tend to get sidelined. I don't buy into a lot of the slash standards. And my views of friendship between characters seem to differ a lot more than the standard norm.

I'm stretched over various places without ever feeling like I've come home.

There's nothing wrong with being unique. I like my views. I like how I read the show. And I don't expect everyone to read it the same way. And I honestly do enjoy knowing so many people that view the show differently than me. It's refreshing. It challenges me. And it keeps me on my toes. None of us should have to feel like we have to conform just for the sake of feeling like we belong. Ugh, no. But it can sure get lonely when you realize that you can't really be pegged into any one place in a fandom. In those moments, I tend to feel very much like Cameron with it just being SG-me.
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I've come to believe that I'm just not a TV person. When I was a kid, I watched TV alot. I always finished my homework quickly and I never had to study much, so I had a lot of time on my hands. And I played outside like a normal kid. So, how I managed to watch so much TV is a mystery to me.

It was great. I watched so many shows that I can't count them all. That started to change when I hit high school. I didn't watch as much since I was busier, but I still managed to find some shows I'd stay with, such as Sliders and The X-Files. But even those shows were hit and miss. It took me two tries to get into X-Files.

I believe college killed my interest in TV just as it hindered my interest in reading liek crazy. I've since recovered and read again, though I am more likely to pick up a nonfiction book in my field over some fantasy book that sounds like it bought cliches by the dozen.

I didn't have a TV my freshman year of college and missed most of Season 4 of The X-Files. But it didn't bother me much. I watched a lot on repeats and I had a TV the following year so I kept up with the show that way. But I really just became a casual viewer of everything else, even catching a SG-1 episode here or there. You usually had to pull my teeth to get me to watch anything -- my brother got me into Smallville and I happened on Firefly by accident. I got into SG-1 while on a relaxing vacation and I watched repeats. I've watched it religiously ever since. It was all about timing and at the time, the show worked for me.

I've tried to get into different TV shows but it's just not my thing. I haven't gotten into Lost. I tried to watch House. The acting was pretty good and some of the stories were fine, but it's not my thing. I think the ship stuff on that show killed any and all interest I might have had for it. I casually watch Farscape when I can and I still have Dr. Who to watch. (But they don't count. If I have access to DVDs I'm more likely to watch a show -- something about the convenience of having it at my fingertips when I want.) I never liked Friends or ER. I barely watch SGA. I casually watch Eureka. I only casually watched TNG. I tried Threshold and it didn't grab me. I have no interest in the new Nightstalker repeats on SciFi and I quit watching BSG. The only show I don't watch casually right now is SG-1. And that's ending so...

My TV days might actually be going on a full hiatus soon ;)
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*snort* I haven't heard the David Duchovny song is soooo long. I had no idea there was a vidoe made for it, way back. It's hilarious. So funny that I had to share it with you.

My shows are just so insane.

*hugs X-Files*

Thanks to [ profile] xfiles for the link.
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I'm going to talk a little bit about my emotional attachment and how it differs between a show/movie/book and fandom.

Loving without the emotional attachment )
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Okay, so while I have been working on my thesis, I've been in need of a lot of background noise. This noise has taken on the form of TV. Here I will discuss my thoughts and impressions on recent episodes I have watched of shows on the air and off. Included in this post: Smallville, Dr. Who, The X-Files, and Farscape. Stargate SG-1 will not be included this time. That will likely get its own post when I finish up watching Season 6 this week.

Smallville--Hypnotic )

Dr. Who )

The X-Files: Jose Chung's From Outer Space )

Farscape: Premiere through Jeremiah Crichton )
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I've seen a great response for my diet questions and I am still making my way through them. But for now, I wanted to share/offer an X-Files Wall I made. Okay, so I started off with this idea for a very messy and busy collage of stuff and it ended up being very plain and simple. But I like it anyway ;)

The X-Files )
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Howdy! Here's my latest buzz on scifi...

Okay, so maybe my new news is old news. But I am posting it anyway!

Good news (or bad) for X-Files fans...another movie is indeed going to be in the works. Green light has been given and everyone is on board. In an interview with David Duchovony, he said that he's looking forward to doing it (my translation--needs money) and that he hopes they start production later this year. Hmm. I must admit I got very excited when I heard the news as I do miss X-Files despite their stupidity of the latter seasons. But when I found out it is supposed to take place in 2012...I became a little nervous. We'll have to see. Coworker did inform me that the man who played Krychek is actually on another series and is looking better than ever. Mmm...

The show Firefly seeks some redemption. Production has begun on the movie for the ill-fated TV series. I loved this show! Man! It was great. Fox canned it because they don't know talent if it bit them on the butt. Looking forward to the movie and I highly recommend the series to anyone looking for funny and well-written characters. My fave? Simon. Must have a thing for intelligent doctors these days :)

That's it in the land of scifi. For anything I am interested in, anyway.

Quiz time!

My inner child is ten years old today

My inner child is ten years old!

The adult world is pretty irrelevant to me. Whether
I'm off on my bicycle (or pony) exploring, lost
in a good book, or giggling with my best
friend, I live in a world apart, one full of
adventure and wonder and other stuff adults
don't understand.

How Old is Your Inner Child?
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