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Poking in for a brief second to post this for [ profile] twasadark. She has been waiting for it since October for those drabbles I promised and I wanted to get it up before I felt even more guilty. [ profile] twasadark wanted "A little Hurt!Alec drabble that includes Joshua." This is obviously longer than a drabble…

Title: Work in Progress
Season: Post-series
Characters: Joshua, Alec
Category: Angst, H/C (well my version of it, anyway)
Spoilers: None
Summary: A life threatening incident allows Joshua to see Alec's true colors.
Word Count: 1228
Rating: PG

Disclaimer: None of them are mine. Just having fun.

Work in Progress )
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This was written for [ profile] da_halloween. I wanted to do something different so I hit a fandom where I am new. It is not my best and I'm a little disappointed, but I'm glad I could at least contribute. I'm not sure I'll continue to write for this fandom (aside from the drabbles I owe) but it's been fun so far, at least. I hope you enjoy it despite me being a newb.

Title: Mind Games
Author: Moonshayde
Category: Gen, Drama
Spoilers: Takes place sometime after Hello, Goodbye
Summary: Alec is forced to confront his demons, whether real or imagined, when he takes a bet with Sketchy to stay in a haunted house overnight.
Word Count: 2,669
Rating: PG

Prompt: Alec spends the night in the most haunted house in Seattle. Many thanks to [ profile] alaerys for the lightning fast beta.

Disclaimer: None of them are mine. Just having fun.

Mind Games )
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Not long ago, [ profile] twasdark did some prodding and convinced me to enter the Dark Angel Summer Mini-Ficathon. Since it was short and not much pressure, I caved and said why not? So I took a stab at writing a short Dark Angel fic. Not quite sure how I feel about it, but hopefully it will be okay.

Title: Lost in the Moment
Author: Moonshayde
Pairing: Alec/Rachel
Spoilers: The Berrisford Agenda
Summary: She brought him to a place he never wanted to leave.
Word Count: 487
Rating: PG

Prompt: [ profile] americangrl69 wanted "A day in the life of Alec/Rachel (Alec/Rachel, fluff)"

Disclaimer: None of them are mine. Just having fun.

Lost in the Moment )


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