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Oh yeah. I had another one. Not going to mention the one from the other night, but the SG-1 dreams keep coming. Incidentally, this one was a followup to a MacGyver dream and that...made NO sense. Alas, no porn.

The one where continuity goes out the window for Mac and SG-1 )
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I nabbed this one from [ profile] sgflutegirl because it's too funny.

Emperor of the USA, baby! )

In other news, I had weird dreams again last night. In my first dream, I was Superman. And Lois Lane at some point. There was this big ball and Superman couldn't come and I was Lois Lane and all sad. They had superhero proofed the room or something. Even Batman couldn't come in. And then I was Superman because I was flying and writing Lois' name in the sky. It was weird.

Then I had an SG-1 dream. Okay, I have nooo idea really what happened. It was supposed to take place in S10. I wasn't any of the characters this time and just a godlike observer. It started off someplace in some house. Daniel was there recuperating from something and hanging out doing a historical project with some other people. Jack came to visit. They hung out. Exciting huh? But Jack had come to check in on Daniel to make sure he was okay. Then there was a flashback.

It was the SGC and Jack was visiting base. He was with Daniel in Daniel's office, but there was a Goa'uld there and his name was either Querus or Quercus. (I didn't even know what that was until I looked it up online this morning.) This Goa'uld was playing mind games and such, so neither really knew if what they were experiencing was real.

And Harry was there. (WTF??)

Well, Daniel and Jack were grilling Quercus and he got mad and flung them back. Harry landed on something that impaled him. Daniel and Jack were trying to save him because he was still alive, while making sure Quercus didn't try something else. Quercus offered to heal Harry. I guess he was bipolar or something. Finally, Jack and Daniel relented and Quercus healed Harry.

End of flashback. We go back to Jack and Daniel at that house and Daniel's putting on sneakers. They are both wearing sweats. Jack claps him on the back all supportive and such and they go for a run. I wake up.

Kay, so I don't get it. Where was everyone else? What the heck was going on? Only my stubborn brain seems to know. But that's fine. I had warm fuzzies when I woke up, at least.


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